Protecting Your Investment While Minimizing Maintenance

Mower equipment can pass over the mat,

cutting the grass without the use of line trimmers,

while staying a safe distance from lighting fixtures.

Protecting Your Investment

While Minimizing Maintenance

Breakage Problems?

Lights sometimes get lost in the grass and crews can not see them. Or in an effort to get "as close as possible," crews end up knocking the lights over.

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The Solution

Airfield Mats keep mowing equipment further from the light to help prevent accidental breakage.

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Visibility Problems?

The tedious task of manually trimming the grass often leaves lights looking like this.

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The Solution

Airfield Mats alleviate the need to use manual line trimming to keep the grass managed around the lights.

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Erosion Problems?

Spraying herbicides around the light leads to erosion issues.

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The Solution

Airfield Mats prevent the need to spray poison (ie “Agent Orange”) around the lights that kills the grass and then leads to erosion.

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Why Choose Airfield Mats?

Made in the U.S.A.

Size MATters

Larger Airfield Mats Systems elliptical mats accomplish what the smaller, popularly advertised mats do not. The elliptical or football mats are 7 feet long and 4 feet wide; realistically complementing the mowing path around runway lights.

Our mats are actually large enough to effectively:
• Prevent Tall Grass around Lights
• Prevent Erosion
• Reduce Breakage

What Our Customers Say…

“The small round ones, they didn’t impress me none.  Tried to cut over them, had to orbit them, they didn’t stay in place….  The Football ones, the mower goes over them really nice, they will save me a lot of time and a lot of trouble.”

–  Sparky, Airport Mgr., Benton County Airport, Camden Tennessee

“I save money and the value of my time having the large mats around the lights at the airport. About $10-15 per light, per month… less labor, no need for herbicides, less wear and tear on my equipment and me. They keep the lights looking tidy.”

Jerry Leturmy, Maintenance Contractor, Boca Raton, Florida

Anchoring System

The Airfield Mats Anchoring System features:

  • Zero Profile Anchors
  • Allow Mowing Equipment Overlap
    Prevents Mats from Being Dislodged
  • All our anchoring formats have been tested against the military V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft
  • All Airfield Mats installed at Boca Raton Airport remained anchored in place and did not move during Hurricane Wilma

Benefits of the Airfield Mat System:
• Saves Money
• Protects Airfield Lights
• Saves Labor Time
• Reduces Health Risks
• Environmentally Friendly
• Installs Quickly and Easily
• Long Lasting Durability

Saves Labor Costs. Countless man-hours are accrued during the tedious task of line-trimming airfield lights to ensure visibility. With the, mowing equipment can overlap the mat the Airfield Mat System, eliminating the need for grass trimming, thus saving Time, Money, and Labor.

Prevents Health and Safety Hazards. The light saver system eliminates the need to spread toxic chemicals, reducing the time a ground crew will need to be performing hazardous tasks in potentially dangerous locations.

Prevents Costly Equipment Breakage. During routine grounds maintenance using large and imprecise mowing equipment, crews often report broken lights and posts. Using the Airfield Mat allows the mower to cruise past each light with a wider contingency space.

Environmentally Friendly. Some airports use weed and grass-killers to control growth around airfield lights. The Airfield Mat eliminates the use of such chemicals, protecting ground water and wildlife and eliminating airfield crew exposure.

Wise Planning. Some types of chemicals used for vegetation control around runway lights may be restricted by the EPA in the near future. Airfield Mats’ System is a step towards being prepared for any such restrictions.

Quick and Easy Installation. Airfield Mats are secured to the earth with Airfield Mat Systems recessed Ground Anchoring System. The anchors can be quickly and easily installed by one person with a 3-5 pound sledge. These durable anchors will hold the mat securely even in the most adverse weather conditions, and prevent displacement from prop-wash or jet-blast.

Long Lasting. Ground Anchors are galvanized steel while the Airfield Mats are made from a durable synthetic rubber compounds. Both materials have proven resistance to nature’s elements. The Airfield Mat System can be installed and forgotten, while the benefits continue year after year.

AIP Funding

When lighting, sign and fencing projects are bid under the Airport Improvement Programs(AIP) this Airfield Mat System qualifies as part of the funded project. Plan on protecting your airport’s investment with the time and cost savings of the Airfield Mat system.