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Airfield Mat Services Inc.
Airfield Mat Services is dedicated to improving safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the aviation industry and related support services. We are evaluating a number of products which are in various stages of development, from the newly offered Airfield Mat System, to proprietary aviation software.

Steve J. Byers
Steve has always had a passion for business, developing and expanding numerous businesses over the years. Steve’s has enjoyed working with airports and aviation engineers and consultants the most. Steve is a pilot, having gained his private certificate and instrument rating. Through aircraft ownership, living in an aviation community with a private airstrip and his passion for flying, Steve has kept himself actively involved in aviation. Having a vision for improving aviation, Airfield Mat Systems, Inc. brings innovative products to the aviation marketplace. Steve’s diverse experience in various businesses endeavors allows him to contribute a strong business backing to the mission of Airfield Mat Systems, Inc.

Eco-friendly Airfield Mats
Our Airfield Mats are not only made out of recycled materials (ground up tires), but the material can be recycled again when the mats retire. We have yet to see our products reach the end of a life-cycle, as our mats are expected to last 20-25 years. At the end of that life cycle, or if within the 20-25 year life cycle the runway or taxi way lights are moved into concrete shoulders we have a process to reclaim the airfield mats and recycle the material in a eco-friendly way. Our mats can be recycled and used for many different projects such as rubberized mulch, or used in asphalt paving.

The steel anchors can also be recycled. The life expectancy on them could be 50+ years depending on the chemical make up of the soil. We anticipate recycling them either through a refurbishing process or in local scrap metal recycling plants.

We care about our environment. Our products promote a safer environment by alleviating the need for unfriendly chemicals around airfield lights. Our products also put old tires to use in a beneficial way. And to complete the life cycle the material can be recycled once again. We pledge to make tomorrow a cleaner and safer place for our environment. We are committed to working with the most effective eco-friendly solutions available to us now and in the future.

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